18 Aug 2017  -  20 Aug 2017

Aug 18-20, ages 10-13, 10 capacity, +$270

South Manitou Island add-on Lead by Crystalaire Adventures, the South Manitou add-on adventure is a 3 day trip which takes place immediately following session A, B and E. You’ll leave from camp on Friday morning and return to the Camp Lookout parking lot on Sunday when you can be picked up, or participate in your 2nd residential session. A part of Lookout’s heritage – we owned a house on the island for years before it became a national park – we will travel by ferry to South Manitou. Fields and farms, ancient white cedars, and some of the best swimming around are an inevitable part of the trip. Light house tours and plenty of time to become an expert in cooking over a fire come with the territory. A great trip for those who have never gone camping before, or are looking to take early camping experiences up a notch. You can participate in an add-on trip without attending a residential session at Camp Lookout.

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