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To receive our 2020 informational mailing, please fill out the contact form here. Last summer we updated our vaccination policy, which can be found here.

Please Read: Before registering for a 2020 summer session, you will need to set up a family account (even if you created an account last year) and then you can add your camper/s.

The email address you enter below will become your username. If you’re having trouble, please email us or call us at 231-299-0005.

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More information regarding registration:

Registration for each session of camp requires a deposit of $300. If you have registered for day-camp, only a $50 deposit is necessary. This is due after your camper has been “approved” for their session. You will receive an email indicating that your camper has been enrolled in their session and that it is time to pay the initial deposit.

By April 1st, an additional $300 for each session ($50 for Day Camp), is due.

Remaining fees are due shortly before the opening day of the camp session. There is no fee adjustment for late arrival or early departure. Registrations are acknowledged by email or postcard.

Updated Cancellation Policy due to COVID 19 – As of March 31st, we have put a hold on refunding all summer deposits until May 15th. Please reach out before cancelling your camper’s registration for the summer. If your family is in need of a full or partial refund of your  deposit, please reach out ASAP as we’re handling need-based returns on a case-by-case basis. 

Previous Cancellation Policy— Prior to April 20: deposit less $50 administrative fee will be returned. April 20 or later: deposit less $50 administrative fee will be returned if we are able to fill the vacancy.

To help us organize cabin groupings and make your child’s camp experience as enjoyable as possible, email us a brief note commenting on any of the following: recent changes in your child’s life; difficulties in school; past camp experiences; unusual/difficult medical or emotional experiences; your child’s ease of making friends; hobbies/activities especially enjoyed; what your child is looking forward to (or not looking forward to) at camp, etc.

It is also helpful for campers to provide a brief statement about themselves. This registration form and both parent and camper statements will be used to organize cabin groups and will be shared with your child’s counselor.  All comments will be treated confidentially.